PYC Story
PYC Story

In Loving Gratitude May 2010

I am and will be forever grateful to my teachers who light the path before me, my students who inspire me to continue to grow, and my parents for their boundless love.

My father has been, in many ways, my lifelong yoga teacher. When, years ago, I let go of goals of outward ambition and invested my whole life into creating simplicity and peace from within, my father asked good questions about my inner process, and expressed curiosity without judgment. He always said the most important thing in life is to remember what makes me happy and do it daily.

Throughout the creative conceptualizing stages, and the sometimes arduous building process, he offered his expert guidance, deep wisdom, and attention to detail. And when at times I doubted my vision, he reminded me of my good intentions and the sacredness of our dreams.

It is my father's emotional and spiritual support that has carried me through the roughest of times. And it is my hope and my belief that his wisdom will live on and through each person who is touched by this place, by this dream of mine. Thank you Dad.


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