Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy (IHYT) is a form of massage taught and offered at Pavones Yoga Center. In this form of bodywork, you remain fully clothed (loose, comfortable, soft material is best, the kind of clothing you would wear for a gentle yoga practice), and you'll receive your session on a large padded mat on the floor (though a modified version can be offered from a massage table). Similar to Thai-yoga massage, IHYT also incorporates trigger point release and traggering in order to engage your body’s natural ability to find homeostasis, balance, and healing.

Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy

Trigger points are ultra-sensitive and tight zones within muscle tissue that cause pain not only in the muscle with the trigger point, but can also cause referred pain to other parts of the body.

A trigger point in your neck, for example, may produce referral pain that presents as chronic headaches. Active trigger points are sometimes the hidden culprit behind low-back pain, sciatica, and tennis elbow, to name a few. Trigger points limit range of motion and decrease blood flow and circulation; when released, most people report feeling lighter and much more deeply relaxed. The pain caused by trigger points may be sharp and intense or dull and achy, but the release of trigger points is always deliciously and exquisitely painful. It may be where the phrase “hurts so good” originated. Traggering is a not-well-known but very effective rocking technique that is also used during IHYT sessions to release deep patterns of stress and imbalance from old injuries where scar tissue may be present.

If you have trouble lying on the floor, or would prefer to receive a session from a massage table, you can request a modified form of IHYT, or a more traditional deep tissue massage.

PRICE: $80/hour
PACKAGES: Buy three sessions within a month, get your fourth massage free.

Check the PYC massage calendar for availability and to book a session, or contact us with your questions.

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