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200-Hour Multidimensional Yoga Teacher Training (FULL)

Training Overview




The 200-hour yoga teacher training at Pavones Yoga Center is a multidimensional study of yoga for those interested in teaching yoga or simply furthering their personal practice.

Yoga is a fluid exploration of self through movement, meditation, and attention to breath that deepens our relationship with ourselves and with the earth. As human consciousness evolves, our understanding of our deep connection with the natural world also grows. The study of yoga serves as a gateway to develop our awareness of this connection. We discover keys within ourselves that naturally begin to heal and transform our hearts, minds, bodies, and by effortless extension, the world around us. In this month-long intensive yoga teacher training, we merge the physical and contemplative practice of yoga with principles of conscious living that are crucial to long-term survival of life on our planet.


Jan 6 - Feb 1, 2019 (FULL)

This yoga teacher certification begins on the evening of the program's start date and ends on the evening of the program's end date. Plan to depart from Pavones Yoga Center on the morning after the program's posted end date.

"I continue to tell people that other than the birth of my children, my time down in Pavones [for the 200-hour yoga teacher training] was the most amazing experience of my life.”

– Kimberly | Minneapolis, MN

The 200-hour teacher training is designed as a Mystery school, but make no mistake, every single element around the training has been designed fully with intention. Indira's ability to connect to the human psyche and craft an experience that both nurtures, and gives you the tools to tap into your truest self is unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced. The teacher training far exceeded any expectations or hopes I may have previously had for a YTT. The program's immersion and study of ecopsychology and the local, wild ecosystem is something I will carry in my heart always. I left the training with a feeling of confidence and preparedness to continue to follow the path of my own inner light, and the courage to offer that light to others - yet no matter where that path takes me, I know I will always feel a sense of home at PYC.

- Kelley | Miami, FL


Indira Kate Kalmbach

Directed by Indira Kate Kalmbach

Founder, Director of Yoga Teacher Trainings, E-RYT 500
Caru Lila Schultz

Guest Teacher: Caru Lila Schultz

200-Hour Yoga Teaching Staff & Senior Faculty, E-RYT 500

Course Foundation

This course teaches yoga poses using a concise and functional Western-based understanding of human anatomy and physiology. It also offers a complete study of the traditional eight limbs of yoga based upon The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

We draw from recent scientific studies in mind-body connection to support ancient sacred texts from the yoga tradition. Our asana technique explores contemporary principles of alignment and safety, while honoring our students' need for creativity, freedom, and self-expression in their practice. We will cover over fifty traditional asanas along with dozens of conditioning, restorative, yin and therapeutic movements using hands-on assists, anatomically optimal alignment principles, proper sequencing, and functional imagery. This yoga teacher training will provide you with a solid understanding of how to sequence postures for teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga, while also providing the foundational principles and effects of yoga postures in a way that is ideal for teaching beginning yoga students or leading yoga workshops.

Group Size & Accommodations

At PYC, we limit our group sizes to under twenty people in order to ensure that our graduates fully understand the subtleties of physical alignment, emotional connection, and spiritual wellbeing that are crucial components to the yogic path. This commitment to our students' individual questions and priorities is just one of the ingredients that makes our program unique and valuable.

The Pavones Yoga Center yoga teacher training is offered in true residential retreat style. Accommodations, meals, yoga classes, and training sessions all take place onsite. On weekends and in the afternoons you will have ample time for exploring the tropical beach-jungle in which this course unfolds. The training combines various experiences in nature as a way to deepen our connection to the earth and inspire the sense of awe and natural curiosity that foster healthy learning. Whenever possible, our training experience follows the rhythms and cycles of nature, for example by celebrating new beginnings on the new moon and allowing time for personal ritual on the full moon. By being on nature's schedule you will find an increased ability to transform and grow.

What to Expect

For 26 days, we will immerse ourselves in daily physical asana practices, technique breakdown sessions, philosophy, pranayama, meditation, and experiential workshops.

The vinyasa or active classes in the morning will awaken and inspire; they will also draw from the posture sets that we will learn throughout the course. Evening asana practices are restorative and therapeutic. This blend of yin and yang styles will give you a range of options for designing and teaching your own yoga classes.

When you graduate you will have all the tools you need to begin teaching yoga with confidence and inspiring others to embark upon their own yoga journey. Sit for a moment breathing into your heart-space. If you feel the call from within (the deepest calls of our soul or spirit are often accompanied by fearful ego voices that tell us we are not good enough -- ignore those: they want to keep you small and unchanged by life). Let go of self-doubt that you are not good enough or not ready for this experience. When you are ready, we invite you to join us in the transformational experience that is our 200-hour Multidimensional Yoga Teacher Training program.

What's Included

This program includes:

  • Our unique Nature-oriented, Yoga Alliance approved 200-Hour Multidimensional Yoga Teacher Training directed by Indira Kate Kalmbach and joined by a staff of authentic and inspiring international yoga teachers.
  • Study earth-oriented yoga and how this aligns perfectly with yoga philosophy. By incorporating these nature-based principles into our yoga teaching, we remind students of the importance of honoring the delicate ecosystems that support and sustains us.
  • Optional workshops on yoga for scoliosis and meditation/visualization techniques for working with professional athletes.
  • Onsite accommodation for the program's duration.
  • Upgrades to private rooms are available.
  • Superb organic vegetarian cuisine. The meal plan includes three meals Monday through Friday, breakfast on Saturday, and dinner on Sunday. This plan leaves room for you to explore local restaurants on the weekends. We work with a local organic farmer to source all of our meals.
  • Excellent individualized attention through small group sizes.
  • All costs related to the program including our 200+ page training manual and experiential activities in nature.
  • All local and international taxes.
  • Programs begin on Sunday evening. Graduation is Friday evening. Plan to depart from PYC on the Saturday morning following graduation.
  • A $500 deposit is due to reserve your spot. The remainder is due 45 days before the program begins. 


...going to Pavones Yoga Center was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It was so much more than learning poses and cues, but incorporated some much needed tools to help fully accept myself, which is extremely important for a yoga teacher. Indira and her amazing staff helped show what the yogic lifestyle really embodies in a passionate and safe setting. The creation of space, and all the details put into the program, really provided a safe and loving environment which was easy to learn and teach in. Not to mention the fact that it is set in the ideal surroundings with both jungle and beach at your fingertips.

– Stevie | San Leandro, CA

Pavones Yoga Center will change the way you think, the way you explore, and the way that you live. Indira beautifully mixes instruction with guidance to create an environment more conducive to learning than anything I have experienced before. The assistant teachers are as wonderful and the training has allowed me to grow in the most incredible ways.

– Lucy | Ontario, Canada

Pavones has stolen a piece of my heart. I will return here again for more training. The environment and the atmosphere are beautiful and my heart and mind are in bliss after training with Indira for a month.

– Morgan | Indianapolis, IN

Course Syllabus

Our mission in this training is to help people become inspired yoga teachers and practitioners who draw upon their own life experiences to share yoga with the world.

Gifted yoga teachers with decades of teaching experience guide our advanced yoga teacher training programs. PYC faculty teachers and guest speakers are real, authentic, unfiltered, and passionate; they give 100% of themselves to their teaching. At Pavones Yoga Center, our commitment to your growth and education as a yoga teacher is unparalleled.

Typical Weekday Schedule

6:15 – 8:30 am Morning Yoga Practice (vinyasa yoga, yoga therapeutics or yin yoga, pranayama, & meditation)
11:00 – 1:00 pm Mid-day session (Philosophy, Ethics, Yoga Teaching Methodology)
2:00 – 4:00 pm Technique breakdown session - how to teach yoga and practice teaching
7:00 – 9:00 pm Evening yoga sadhana (yin or restorative) or Yoga teaching methodology


The schedule changes on the weekends to allow students to have time to explore the quaint and pristine village of Pavones. Students are free on Sundays from 8:30 AM until 7:00 PM.

Pavones Yoga Center is a registered Yoga Alliance accredited school at both the 200-hour and 300-hour levels. By combining the two certificates, our graduates are able to become certified at the 500-hour level, the highest accredited level of yoga teaching based on Yoga Alliance standards. The hours of this program can be divided into the following categories with mandatory hours as listed (in compliance with standards set by Yoga Alliance).

If you are taking this course for Yoga Alliance certification you will need to attend all classes in order to comply with the number of contact hours required by Yoga Alliance.

Training Modules

Technique Training & Practice (100 hours)
  • Asana alignment principles in vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, and yin yoga.
    Anatomy for yoga: learn the muscles that create the shape of the yoga pose. This brings the proper energy into the pose.
  • How to balance the use of verbal cues with demonstration of postures in your yoga teaching.
  • Daily morning yoga sadhana: learn a full and balanced active sequence (The PYC Terrasomatic Flow) that can be modified to teach to different populations. Use this as a foundation to skillfully craft master yoga classes for your students.
  • Meditation technique and practice: what is mindfulness? What is awareness? How does your sense of self influence how you experience the world? Also learn how to teach mindfulness meditation to new students.
  • Asana safety across populations
  • Modifications and use of props when teaching yoga
  • Hands-on assists: Learn how to outline the proper directions of energy of yoga poses. Get ultra-comfortable offering hands-on assists.
UNIQUE TO Pavones Yoga Center: EARTH-BASED YOGA TEACHING (15 hours)
  • How does your understanding of "self" shape the wider interdependent world?
    Learn to interact with your surroundings in a way that fosters openness, authenticity, and heartfelt connection to all humans and non-humans with whom we share this delicate ecosystem called planet Earth.
  • Discover how to connect to Nature as a source of healing, and how to help others do the same.
  • From an ecopsychological standpoint: study the impact of the environment on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Learn Pavones Yoga Center's unique earth-based yoga teaching methodology including how to incorporate earth-based imagery into your yoga teaching.
  • Earth-Based Yoga: The philosophy and practice of Earth-based Yoga is unique to Pavones Yoga Center. Helping humans connect to themselves as a fundamental part of an interconnected whole is a core aspect of our mission. We've scheduled nature-immersion activities such as nature walks with resident nature guides as a way to inspire connection to the more-than-human world.
Teaching Methodology (25 hours)
  • Creating safety in a classroom across different populations.
  • Yin or Yang: Modifying a posture to be active or passive.
  • Vinyasa yoga: Theory and Methodology. What is flow? How do you create a flow of experience so that your yoga students experience a state of relaxed, calm awareness that expands outward to benefit their off-the-mat experiences?
  • Yin yoga: Theory and Methodology. Learn the four tenets of yin yoga. Understand the science of the myofascial system and how gentle stretching of this system via yin yoga can create deep relaxation and healing.
  • Restorative yoga: Theory and Methodology. What is the difference between yin and restorative yoga? Why are the two systems so often confused? Learn to separate the two systems, learn their origins, and be able to offer a few of the most deeply healing and relaxing restorative poses to your most stressed-out yoga students.
  • How to teach a private yoga class. Through hands-on assists and great verbal cues, you'll leave the 200-hour yoga teacher training feeling confident in your ability to guide both group and individual yoga classes.
  • Find your voice. Yoga students will be drawn to you because of the unique gifts that you are meant to offer to the world. Come to Pavones Yoga Center and leave with a grounded understanding of those gifts. Draw inspiration from Nature for your own language cues (use of metaphor and imagery).
  • Design unique and inspirational yoga sequences. Our students leave with such a plethora of yoga wisdom to bring to each class. You'll be able to combine yin yoga poses with therapeutic and gentle opening stretches, weave active postures with more passive ones, and blend yoga poses in a way that creates a balanced yoga class that suits your particular intention and the ability level of your students.
  • Learn to weave yoga philosophy into an yoga teaching: learn how to blend a personal theme into a yoga class in a way that is universally relevant to your students.
Anatomy & Physiology (20 hours)
  • Joint health and mobility, healthy range of motion, tension versus compression and how to safely practice active forms of yoga (vinyasa, hatha).
  • Major joints of the human body and the safe movement options for each (i.e. flexion/extension, internal/external rotation, abduction/adduction, supination/pronation, upward rotation/downward rotation, protraction/retraction).
  • The principles of reciprocal inhibition, co-activation, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and how to use these principles to create verbal cues and hands-on assists that really work.
  • The myofascial system and the tenets of yin yoga: how to practice yin yoga safely.
  • The autonomic nervous system and it’s relevance to the practice of yoga – Fight/Flight vs. Rest/Digest as related to yoga asana, pranayama, restorative, yin and more active styles of yoga.
  • Energetic Alignment: How does physical alignment influence energetic alignment? Apply the most modern science of anatomy and muscular activation to yoga poses to understand why these poses have such power to transform felt experience.
  • How yoga affects mood, feelings, and our way of responding to the world: Understand the benefits we receive from active or yang yoga classes, and the benefits of passive, restorative, and yin yoga classes.
Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics (30 hours)
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the Eight limbs of yoga. Discover how the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Eight Limbs of Yoga give depth to the practice and make it much richer than a merely physical expression or way to exercise.
  • What is multidimensional yoga: a study of Self (open awareness) and self (ego) and the impact mindfulness and meditation have on the concept of self.
  • Digital detox: how is our surface connection through modern technological advances changing the possibility to connect more deeply and authentically with other humans? Learn abou tthe latest research on the way that technologies like constant texting and social media change the ability of children and adults to empathize and feel compassion. Leave the program with a more balanced relationship to technology so that you can benefit from it's good points without suffering the negative side-effects of unconscious habitual use of technology.
  • The role of ritual and ceremony in the modern world.
  • Spiritual Ecology and Eco-psychology: Why is connecting to our inherent relationship to the earth more important than it has ever been?
  • The business of yoga: how to market your skills, where to teach.
  • The ethics of yoga: the Pavones Yoga Center code for teachers.
  • Building Community: How we are forever changed by being in a retreat environment for a month. How to stay inspired. At the end of the program you will be added to a Pavones Yoga Center graduates page where you can keep in touch with friends and meet new ones. This page is beloved by the PYC community.
Practicum (15 hours)
  • Yoga teaching in pairs and small groups.
  • Daily practice of hands-on assists in pairs and groups.
  • Design and teach your own 75 minute class. By the time this moment arrives, you will be so excited to offer your yoga teaching to the world!
Bird in Tree
Monkey in Tree
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Eco-Oriented Yoga

In this training you will learn how to teach Hatha Yoga with a further specialization in the vinyasa style of practice. Hatha Yoga is the umbrella term that covers most forms of yoga that are recognized in the world today. Vinyasa refers to the physical asana or posture practice. Vinyasa classes are taught in a flowing style synchronizing breath with movement. Vinyasa literally means “to place in a sacred way.” At Pavones Yoga Center we study yoga as a conscious attunement to physical alignment while tracking breath and sensation as a path toward concentration, focus, and deep integration. Our training covers the eight limbs of yoga, yoga philosophy, anatomy, educational methodology (examining the learning process), and inquires into our relationship with the earth as a path toward greater wholeness. Morning practices are delivered in the vinyasa style. During technique breakdown sessions, we work with alignment principles derived from the Iyengar tradition while also incorporating cues from the Anusara, yin, and Asthanga lineages, giving students a strong foundation for teaching the style of yoga that best suits their personality. We require that our students have a minimum of one year of yoga practice before applying.

This training is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga inquiry. Our Pavones Yoga Center training is unique in that we limit our group size (to a maximum of 20 students) so that each student is able to fulfill her or his own personal goals for a yoga teacher training. This provides a deeply individualized learning experience. The Pavones Yoga Center 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is at its core a multidimensional course. We underscore the importance of recognizing and welcoming all dimensions (the yoga concept of koshas or layers) of ourselves in order to heal and grow. We take the traditional yogic concept of "koshas" (layers of the self) a step further by including the earth as an inseparable extension of ourselves. We hold that the health and wellbeing of earth and humans are inextricably linked; environmental issues are a sign of faltering human psychology and spiritual maturity, and human psycho-emotional illness is in direct proportion to the sickness of the natural world. Our exploration into the field of Eco-psychology will directly address how a contemplative practice of yoga can shape and support an emerging sense of wholeness and deep personal wellbeing. Most fun of all, a portion of our training is dedicated to direct experiences with nature as a way to foster the natural "being in the present moment" awareness that is the 'aim' of yoga.

The course is carried out in the breath-taking open air Yoga Pavilion, perched above the town of Pavones with an expansive ocean view from three sides and a lush jungle to our backs. Overlooking the Pacific, our accommodations and retreat settings cannot be topped. You will wake each morning with macaws soaring overhead, toucans singing in the nearby trees, or howler monkeys making their way through the jungle nearby. Let go of self-doubt that you are not good enough or not ready for this experience. Sit for a moment breathing into your heart-space. If you feel the call from within (the deepest calls of our soul or spirit are often accompanied by fearful ego voices that tell us we are not good enough -- ignore those, they want to keep you small and unchanged by life). Take a leap! There is no way you won't be absolutely transformed by this experience.


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200-Hour Multidimensional Yoga Teacher Training (FULL)

$4,3890 Jan 6 - Feb 1, 2019 (FULL)
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