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Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy (IHYT)

Training Overview

This yoga teacher training can be taken alone or as part of our 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Pavones Yoga Center is a yoga teaching school registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200- and 300-hour level.


July 14 - 23, 2018

This yoga teacher certification begins on the evening of the program's start date and ends on the evening of the program's end date. Plan to depart from Pavones Yoga Center on the morning after the program's posted end date.


Indira Kate Kalmbach

Directed by Indira Kate Kalmbach

Founder, Director of Yoga Teacher Trainings, E-RYT 500
Lindsay Gitlitz

Guest Teacher: Lindsay Gitlitz

200-Hour Yoga Teaching Staff

Program Requirements

This program is open to anyone — you do not need to be a yoga teacher learn and practice IHYT.

For this program you will need:

  • Nail clippers, to maintain clean & well-manicured nails for IHYT practicum.
  • A willingness to practice and learn hands-on techniques.
  • Unless you are taking this course as a personal growth retreat, a 200‐hour certification is required (either through Pavones Yoga Center or a different Yoga Alliance certified school).

Program Highlights

  • Learn 60-minute, 75-minute and 90-minute Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy (IHYT) sessions to offer as a full session to private clients (IHYT sessions should be priced similar to what a deep tissue massage costs in your area).
  • How to incorporate portions of IHYT into your current yoga teaching.
  • Learn a dozen conditioning exercises that you can offer to your students for hip pain, sacral instability, low-back pain, shoulder and neck tension, and for increased range of motion in general.
  • In-depth study of anatomy as relevant to finding & releasing myofascial trigger points and acupressure points on yourself and others.
  • The basics of Chinese Meridian Theory (TCM).
  • The principles of Neurokinetic Therapy and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Faciliation.
  • Understanding the difference between curing and healing.

What to Expect

Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy is a ten day intensive where you get to give and receive the yummiest style of bodywork ever. Mornings and evenings are reserved for delicious yoga practices where you'll learn body-balancing techniques developed from the work of Thomas Hanna, restorative yoga, and the Feldenkrais method and Alexander techniques.

This program can be taken alone or as part of our 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy promotes deep relaxation as a way to engage the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The program combines methodology from various traditions including Japanese Shiatsu, NeuroKinetic Therapy®, Thai-yoga massage, myofascial trigger point release, and tragering.

The Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy course is set up to teach the practice in full from beginning to end — you don’t need to come in with a background in anatomy or yoga in order to offer IHYT. The best IHYT practitioners are those who can be present with others: IHYT is a mindfulness practice, and our graduates report an increased ability to be present with their own and others’ life challenges when they leave Pavones Yoga Center with an IHYT certification. Many students find themselves drawn to meditation and mindfulness based stress reduction techniques as a result of the practices learned in this course.

Each day of Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy offers unique gifts that you can take home to share with your yoga students … you’ll learn hands-on assists in addition to both a 60-min and 90-min session that can be marketed to private clients. This course can be added to the Pavones Yoga Center 300-hour advanced yoga certification.

What's Included

The Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy Training program includes:

  • All meals beginning with dinner on the first day and ending with dinner on the day of graduation.
  • Accommodations in a double room in the PYC Yoga House.
  • A manual with photographs outlining the full IHYT session.
  • 90 contact hours plus 10 non-contact hours that count toward PYC's advanced yoga teacher training certification through Yoga Alliance.

See the course syllabus for more about the daily schedule and program details. Intrigued? Contact us to receive the first few pages of the IHYT manual...

All Pavones Yoga Center teacher trainings are offered in residential retreat style. Accommodations, meals, yoga classes, and training sessions all take place onsite. Due to our limited time together, we will follow a schedule of nine hours of class time per day. But there is a five hour period of built-in relaxation time each day for you to explore the tropical beach and jungle paradise in which this course unfolds. This yoga certification program also combines various experiences in nature as a way to deepen your connection to the earth and to inspire the sense of awe and natural curiosity that foster healthy learning. Whenever possible, our training experience follows the rhythms and cycles of nature, for example by celebrating new beginnings on the new moon and allowing time for meditative practices on the full moon. By being on nature's schedule you will find an increased ability to heal, transform and grow.

The curriculum that is taught at Pavones Yoga Center is so much more than yoga. I learned so much about myself and life while being there. You can truly feel the amount of love and passion Indira has for teaching yoga. I can not wait to return back to Pavones Yoga Center for future yoga teacher trainings.


Course Syllabus

Our mission in this training is to help people become inspired yoga teachers and practitioners who draw upon their own life experiences to share yoga with the world.

Gifted yoga teachers with decades of teaching experience guide our advanced yoga teacher training programs. PYC faculty teachers and guest speakers are real, authentic, unfiltered, and passionate; they give 100% of themselves to their teaching. At Pavones Yoga Center, our commitment to your growth and education as a yoga teacher is unparalleled.

Typical Schedule*

6:00 – 8:00 am Morning sadhana (vinyasa)
8:00 – 8:30 pm Pranayama/meditation/Nature
12:00 – 4:00 pm Afternoon session (technique/philosophy/theory)
6:45 – 9:00 pm Evening sadhana or theory/philosophy


*Please keep in mind, this schedule is written in sand, not stone. While the contents of the training remain consistent, slight variations to the program schedule may occur to flow with the particular energy of each program.

Pavones Yoga Center is a registered school at both the 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour levels. The hours of this program can be divided into the following categories with mandatory hours as listed (in compliance with standards set by Yoga Alliance).

If you are taking this course for Yoga Alliance certification you will need to attend all classes in order to comply with the number of contact hours required by Yoga Alliance.

Training Modules

Technique Training & Practice (30 hours)
  • Daily morning sadhana and evening restorative/mellow practice.
  • Daily pranayama, meditation, or in-Nature experience.
  • Daily breakdown of PYC’s unique 75-minute Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy (IHYT) session.
  • How to a find and release trigger points in major muscles, basic techniques to release chronic tension, acupressure points and meridians.
  • Practice and palpation of stablizing muscles including psoas, quadratus lumborum and transverse abdominus among others. Why these muscles are crucial to postural integrity and how to release chronic built-up tension with conditioning exercises and yoga postures.
Teaching Methodology (4 hours)
  • The importance of touch – tactile sensation and the reptilian brain.
  • Studies of the effects of human touch and lack of touch in infants.
Anatomy & Physiology (20 hours)
  • Chinese meridians and acupressure points.
  • Muscle and bone names, with palpation.
  • Fascia: Understanding it’s role in postural imbalance and how to release.
  • Partner work to memorize location of muscles and anatomical position of joints.
  • Range of motion – feeling for the point of compression in self and partner.
Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics (6 hours)
  • Creating safe boundaries with one-on-one private clients within the context of an IHYT (yoga therapy) session.
  • The ethics of student-teacher relationships: the Pavones Yoga Center code.
  • As a yoga teacher, what you can offer your students; and what you cannot (we are not doctors or physical therapists).
  • In-depth study and application of the eight limbs of yoga (Patanjali)
  • What does healing mean?
Practicum (10 hours)
  • Practice IHYT sessions in pairs (daily).
  • Offer a 75-minute IHYT session to a fellow participant.
  • Offer a 75-minute IHYT session to a non-student “client” (PYC asks for volunteers from members of the Pavones community).
  • Various experiences and activities in nature and contact with the natural world
  • Our connection to Nature as a source of healing
  • The impact of the environment on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Using earth-based imagery and metaphor in a yoga class
  • Eco-Oriented Yoga: The philosophy and practice of Eco-oriented Yoga is unique to Pavones Yoga Center.
Bird in Tree
Monkey in Tree
Food display

Eco-Oriented Yoga

The course is carried out in the breath-taking open air Yoga Pavilion, perched above the town of Pavones with an expansive ocean view from three sides and a lush jungle to our backs.

Overlooking the Pacific, our accommodations and retreat settings cannot be topped. You will wake each morning with macaws soaring overhead, toucans singing in the nearby trees, or howler monkeys making their way through the jungle nearby. We have designed our package to include all expenses including vegetarian meals prepared by our chefs who have worked around the world for celebrity clientele.

This training is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga inquiry. We limit our group size (to a maximum of 21 students) so that each student is able to fulfill her or his own personal goals for a yoga teacher training. This provides a deeply individualized learning experience.

We hold that the health and wellbeing of earth and humans are inextricably linked; environmental issues are a sign of faltering human psychology and spiritual maturity, and human psycho-emotional illness is in direct proportion to the sickness of the natural world. Our exploration into the field of Eco-psychology will directly address how a contemplative practice of yoga can shape and support an emerging sense of wholeness and deep personal wellbeing. Most fun of all, a portion of our training is dedicated to direct experiences with nature as a way to foster the natural "being in the present moment" awareness that is the 'aim' of yoga.

Tuition & Registration

Program Cost: $2,300 USD*

*Cost includes all expenses: shared (two per room) onsite lodging, all meals, all program costs.
Room upgrade options available on the registration form.

Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy (IHYT)

$2,300 July 14 - 23, 2018
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